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Karen Parziale, Real Estate Staging Studio.

Karen Parziale is professionally trained in real estate staging and offers a variety of home staging services, house staging workshops and Feng Shui consulting for homeowners and busy real estate agents in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area, including Bergen County, Monmouth County and Hudson County.

The Real Estate Staging Studio's "Stage to Sell" techniques give your property the competitive edge.  A home has as little as 10-15 seconds to make a good first impression and capture the interest of a buyer. Karen Parziale works with you to enhance the look of your property with the focus on highlighting special features and minimizing flaws to create an impressive and inviting space.

Parziale provides a room-by-room game plan with dozens of simple, creative, stylish and inexpensive ways of staging a house for sale.  She's a great shopper, too, working within all budget constraints to make sure every dollar spent (and then some) comes back quickly with a "sold" sign.

Real estate staging is hot when the market's not

In a hot market, homes can be easier to sell and staging always helps. In a soft market, staging is critical -- check out the financial benefits to learn more.

"Real estate staging" may be a buzzword, but the concept is simple and works brilliantly.  Regardless of what the market and the economy is doing, every home seller wants to sell quickly for the highest possible price.  Staging a house for sale helps agents and homeowners do both.

Staging a house for sale: quick tips

Staging a house for sale isn't just about decorating.  Instead, it's a production to make your house look bigger, brighter, and fresher.  It's about propping the right props, getting rid of big furniture pieces that make rooms look smaller and creating "wow" focal points in main living areas. It's about making buyers feel welcome and cozy, helping them envision themselves living in the house. 

Most people are visually-oriented and can't mentally remodel a home that needs TLC.  Nor, to be honest, do they typically want to sink thousands of dollars and months (or more) of time remodeling. So, as a result, they need to love what they see when they walk through your door. 

Put $$ in your pocket ~ contact The Real Estate Staging Studio today

Take advantage of Karen Parziale's tips, practical advice and inside secrets that have made her known as the New York tri-state area’s staging diva.  Learn more about the Real Estate Staging Studio's services, workshops, and Feng Shui consulting now. 

Or for a quote and on-site consultation, please contact Karen today!


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