About Karen Parziale ~
Home staging interior designer &
certified Feng Shui consultant

Karen Parziale has been sharing her home staging and Feng Shui expertise with homeowners and real estate agents for the past several years.

A certified real estate redesigner and professionally trained Feng Shui consultant, Karen has been in every house imaginable – the really tiny studio apartment, the million dollar mansion, the two-bath, three-bedroom house filled with kids, toys, and pets, and quaint cottages by the seashore.

Dozens of friends and colleagues in real estate and construction would ask her to rearrange the furniture, de-clutter and "make the place sell." And sell they did -- faster and for more money.

An expert organizer, Karen has always had a flair for design. Her approach is simple: Your home is no longer a home; it is a house, a commodity for sale. The challenge is that 99% of sellers don't think of it this way. After all, they're leaving years and years of memories in the house and it's difficult to detach. But if you want to get the best results, and present your home in the most attractive way to potential buyers, it's going to need some rearranging and an eye for staging.

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