Curb Appeal: 
Staging Your Home on the Outside Sells the Inside

When it comes to real estate, the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover" is out.
Because even before a potential buyer has gone through your front door, s/he has an indelible impression of your property based on the short walk from the car to your front door.

A lack of curb appeal can be deadly in today’s real estate market. If your buyer is unenthused or drives right by, the money you spent inside goes to waste.  A shabby or uninspired exterior screams "project!" or "deferred maintenance!" to buyers looking for move-in-ready homes. 

Curb appeal sets the stage

Staging your home has become the standard practice for selling property for the best prices, and the big wins are in the details.  Curb appeal is no exception.

In fact, when it comes to getting top dollar, curb appeal means everything.  A gorgeous front garden, a welcoming porch, a shot of color truly invite buyers inside and start their wheels turning as they envision themselves living in your home.  So at the Real Estate Staging Studio, we recommend staging your home on the outside to help sell the inside. 

Staging your home from the outside in

Staging your home on the exterior can make it look newer, bigger, brighter and more welcoming.  It’s all about creating a sense of possibility and potential, about creating an inviting space to inspire buyers, to generate a mood befitting the property.

If the exterior of your house is looking a little tired and worn, it's worth the money to spruce it up; the money in small repairs will pay off.

Greenery is very important.  Prune those long-neglected shrubs and bushes. Remove the weeds from in between the cracks in the pavement.  Use colorful flower boxes to dress the windows. You could go all out and plant aromatic plants like lavender or jasmine near the front entrance to give guests a wonderful scent when they walk by.

Trust your home stager when she advises you to take the garden gnome out of your yard or to remove the toys scattered about. Remove all flags and only keep a few beautiful garden decorations in the yard. Remember, home stagers know the real estate market and have an inherent sense for what sells, so don't be offended at their suggestions.  After all, you're all after one thing:  more money for your property.

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